Forms for new applicants

The Credit Guide contains information about Rocket Finance Group, the service we offer and what your/our obligations are when assisting Clients obtain credit.

The Privacy and Consent Form sets out in full detail what we can do with and with whom we share the Client’s personal information. A signed copy of this document is required prior to assisting Client's obtain credit.

Completing this form in full assists us complete the Preliminary Assessment and determine which Lenders and products that meet the requirements of the Client. Completing this form in full provides a faster process when assisting Client's obtain credit.

Under our Responsible Lending Policy the Needs Analysis Questionnaire is to be completed in full to assist us with determining the suitability of a Client for Lenders and Products.

The Monthly Living Expenses Worksheet is to be completed to assist in calculating the serviceability of the Client's credit application. This form is to be completed in full to assist with an accurate representation of a Client's expenses.

This form is to be completed in full by Client's who are self employed or applying using their business income. This form allows us to gather information and provides permission for us to contact the Client's accountant to confirm income.

Other forms

First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) form to be completed and originals supplied to the broker for submission with applications.

For more information regarding the First Home Owners Grant go to

For any questions regarding the First Home Owners Grant contact the State Revenue Office of Victoria on 13 21 61. Or contact your conveyancer for more details.