Property Finance

Whether you need assistance to purchase your first home, build your first home, or an investment property, we have specialist Property Finance Brokers with expert knowledge and a lender panel to ensure you get the best possible deal.

Our property finance offering to our customers covers the full spectrum of funding options across the following broad categories.

First Home Buyer

Helping first-time home buyers better understand all their mortgage options is something our loan experts at Rocket Finance Group do every day. No matter how many questions you have or how much advice you need, we’re committed to understanding your unique circumstances and helping you feel confident and in control of your journey as a new homeowner.

Land and Construction

When you’ve found that block of land, the only hurdle you face is how to finance buying the land and construction, we provide land and construction mortgage financing options for property owners, developers, and builders working on a wide variety of residential or commercial projects.

Different stages of construction can require different financing which is why we work with a broad spectrum of sources in order to be able to provide for all the potential financing needs of any given project.

Investment Property Finance

The financial benefits of investment property ownership are many. An investment property can become an ongoing source of cash flow and may even offer tax advantages. We can manage the whole acquisition process through from initial discussions to completion, whether you are after one or several investment mortgages.

If you’ve been considering the addition of an investment property to your financial portfolio, we can help.

Refinance Equity Release

We can help you refinance, using your equity. Refinancing can find you a more suitable loan, with more friendly payments that allow you to get more out of your money.

We will restructure your finances to give you some breathing space, the goal is to make your finances more comfortable.

Debt Consolidation

Free yourself from debt or make that big purchase, you can use the money to get more or get ahead. Every day Rocket Finance Group puts people with debt problems on the path toward establishing great credit, usually saving them hundreds of dollars each month in the process.

Bridging Finance

Rocket Finance Group recognizes that each bridging loan and short term finance agreement is unique and that all applications must be considered on their own merit. The key to the success of a bridging loan is to ensure that a viable exit strategy is firmly in place upon application.

At Rocket Finance Group, you have access to a range of bridging loans tailored to your needs.

Self-Managed Super Funds

If you have a self-managed super fund or are considering establishing your own super fund, you are now able to use these arrangements to help you buy a residential or commercial investment property.

Whether you are considering if an SMSF is suited to you, have just started, or have held an existing SMSF, we can help. Let us help you take control of your retirement by using your superannuation to borrow money and invest.

How does an SMSF loan work?

Your SMSF wants to buy property (residential or commercial real estate) but does not have enough funds for the full purchase. The SMSF can now make an equity contribution on the property and borrow the remainder of the funds to complete the purchase. The following diagram illustrates how your SMSF can purchase a property.

Medical Practitioner & Industry Specialisation Finance

Since the expansion of the Medical Practitioner and Industry Specialization policies, we can now offer financial solutions that can benefit our eligible clients. These benefits include:

• Up to a maximum LVR of 90% may be approved without the need to obtain mortgage insurance
• Evidence of 5% genuine savings is not required when mortgage insurance is not required.

Medico sector policy

Also referred to as the Medico pack home loans, as the name suggests it’s a special discounted home loan made available to certain medical professionals. According to bank statistics, Doctors have the lowest mortgage delinquency rate and have a higher than average loan size.

What sort of special deal/treatments do doctors and medical professionals receive?

Depending on the bank, field of profession, how strong your case is, security type and the loan amount, it will range from:

• Discounted interest rate

• Discounts on LMI

• No LMI loans

• Easier loan approval-even for the “typical hard basket deals”

• No valuation

• No setup cost or application cost

• Special interest rate for family members

Included Professions:

• General Practitioners

• Hospital-employed Doctors (Intern, Resident, Registrar, Staff Specialist)

• Medical Specialists

• Dentists

• Veterinary Practitioners

• Optometrists

• Pharmacist

Additional Information

• Applicants must be Australian citizens or approved permanent residency visa holders or 457 visa holders (conditions apply)

• Confirmation must be obtained of the applicant's qualifications and employment – see the Broker Portal for detail.

• Evidence of 5% genuine savings is not required for applications when mortgage insurance is not required

• Applicants can choose from the standard product range eg Home Loans – Fixed or Variable, Portfolio Loans

• Discounted or negotiated interest rates are only available by the addition of the Advantage Package option to the requested residential lending product. Current advertised discounts apply.

• Customers may qualify for Medico Sector Policy without the addition of Advantage Package. System constraints may make either the loan or borrower types ineligible for packaging.

Industry specialization policy

Included Professions:

• Accounting

• Legal

• Mining, energy and resources

Maximum LVR of 90% for maximum OOT up to $2.0 million may be approved without the need to obtain mortgage insurance, and Genuine Savings: confirmation and validation of 5% genuine savings is not required for applications whereby mortgage insurance is not required.

Additional Information

• Applicants must be Australian citizens or approved permanent residency visa holders

• Applicants must meet the qualifications and employment criteria

• Only available with Advantage Package. Current advertised discounts under Advantage Package will apply. No further discretions on both variable or fixed rates, with no exceptions

• Qualifying professionals gross taxable income must be $150,000 gross per annum for applicants based in NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD and $120,000 gross per annum for applicants based in WA, SA, NT and TAS.



Selecting a commercial mortgage for your expanding business is a big decision. That’s why it is important that it’s the right fit for your financing needs. Secured and unsecured loans are the perfect solution to finance the expansion of your business, refinance existing debt, or purchase vehicles and equipment.

Our commercial finance solutions are built around giving the very best funding solution for your business whether you are seeking to purchase or refinance. It is about sourcing the best available finance option that will meet your needs now, but also allow your business to achieve what it wants in the future.

Our aim is to;

  • Make it easy for you

  • Get a decision on funding options for you quicker than our peers

  • Be innovative and proactive in what we suggest

  • Do things the right way, be clear, concise and open about everything

Our commercial and business finance offering to our customers covers the full spectrum of funding options across the following broad categories:

Business Finance

At some stage, ambitious businesses need finance to invest and expand. Our finance experts specialize in finance for start-ups and early-stage businesses and can help you work out which type of funding is best for you and get in shape to secure it. Our finance experts work with businesses to:

  • understand the various types of funding

  • develop and review financial projections

  • get investor ready

  • secure grant funding


Commercial Property

We offer commercial property loans for a broad range of real estate finance needs. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new commercial property, raise funding against an existing portfolio or fund cash flow for a growing business Rocket Finance Group Financial Group can help you find the most appropriate solution.

Our expert brokers really understand the market and know when to approach a high street bank for your commercial mortgage requirements. So talk to us today and let us help you.

Development Finance

Rocket Finance Group can arrange development funding for property developers, We offer quick decisions, flexibility, and unbeatable personal service. With our expertise, contacts, and resources, we will ensure your development will run smoothly and to an agreed timescale.

We offer loans on all types of commercial property including new build or renovations to offices, warehouses, factories, and shops.

Commercial Development Loans can be obtained for the following:

• Shops refurbishment/conversion projects.
• Construction of industrial units.
• Construction of small office blocks.
• Land with planning permission.
• Farmland.
• Conversion of offices into residential flats.
• Refurbishment program for flats above shops.
• Restaurant refits.
• Commercial auction properties.
• Purchase of pub to convert into residential.

Specialist Cash Flow Solutions

Cash flow solutions are an important part of our factoring, invoice discounting, and credit control services. Our range of solutions is designed to assist you in cash flow management, allowing your business to gain access to a flexible source of funding that matches your business’ requirements.

We can improve your cash flow in many ways:

  • Factoring – a combined funding and credit control service

  • Invoice Discounting – a funding only service

  • Trade Finance – a funding service for companies which purchase and sell finished goods

When your cash needs to flow, we can help.

Self-Managed Super Funds

Rocket Finance Group allows you to use your Self-Managed Super Funds to purchase or refinance residential, commercial or rural investment property to diversify your investment portfolio and accelerate wealth creation.

The rules and regulations for setting up an SMSF are complex, that’s why we take an informative yet simple approach and make the whole process stress free.


  • Can be used to purchase an investment property, on commercial terms, including residential, commercial and rural property types

  • Variable or fixed interest rate options

  • Principal and interest or interest-only paid monthly in arrears repayment options available

  • Additional payments can be made by the SMSF

We liaise with your accountant and financial advisor to ensure your Self Managed Super Fund Trust Deed is strategically structured and compliant – and help to secure you the best credit option. We also ensure all Self Managed Super Fund documents related to your investment purchase comply fully with superannuation laws and regulations, maximizing your chance of ongoing success.


The most difficult part of running a business is maintaining a steady cash flow for both daily activities and for further business development by acquiring assets, mostly equipment and machinery. Our experts will make sure to clearly understand your business goals and present you with asset finance solutions.

Rocket Finance Group offers a range of flexible funding options enabling you to purchase assets and grow your business, our solutions are designed to make purchasing an asset as easy as possible. We can advise you on which products will best suit your requirements, allowing you to ease cash flow and develop your business. We assist a diverse range of equipment providers, we help businesses, large and small and find the financial solution to aid their asset acquisitions.

Whether you’re a new business, a long established business or having current trading difficulties, we have the experience to get the deal you are looking for!

  • Gym Equipment Leasing

  • Scaffolding and Construction Finance

  • Coffee Shop Equipment Finance

  • Play Equipment Finance

  • Restaurant Equipment Finance

  • Hotel Equipment Finance

  • Office Equipment Leasing

  • Retail Equipment Leasing

  • Catering Equipment Leasing

  • Gastro Pub Equipment Finance

  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Finance

  • Food Manufacturing Equipment Finance

  • IT Equipment Finance

  • Plant and Machinery Finance

  • Event Equipment Finance

  • Storage & Warehousing Equipment Finance

  • Machinery Finance

  • Vending Machine Finance

  • Garage Equipment Finance

  • Print Equipment Finance

  • Security & Alarm Equipment Finance

  • Furniture Finance

  • Dental and Medical Equipment Finance

  • Recycling Equipment Leasing

  • Pharmacy Equipment Finance

  • Cleaning Equipment Finance

  • Laundry Equipment Finance

  • Sports & Leisure Equipment Finance

Equipment Financing benefits include:

  • Buy or lease options depending on your needs

  • Wide range of commercial and industrial equipment loans available

  • Fixed rate options for peace of mind

Features of Asset & Equipment Financing:

  • Most depreciable assets can be funded

  • Choice of interest rate types

  • Choice of repayment options

  • you own the asset from start of the agreement. The lender registers a mortgage over the asset until the end of the agreement.